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Corporate philosophy


Corporate vision: Creating Thousands of Projects and Building Centurial Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group.


Corporate spirit: Building quality engineering, surpassing pursuing excellence, cooperation, and collaboration, contributing to the society.


Corporate objective: serve the society, benefit mankind, build our motherland and benefit the employees.


Business philosophy: unlimited business opportunities, market exploration, integrity and contract-abiding, achieving win-win.


Management philosophy: build quality projects to customer’s satisfaction and create a beautiful and harmonious social environment; improve health and safety assurance system and promote continuous improvement of enterprise management.


Service concept: pursuit of excellence, service mind, sincerity, and detail oriented.


Quality concept: Quality is life.


Safety concept: Quality is the life of the enterprise; safety is the assurance of life.


Environmental concept: building coexists with environmental protection, development coordinates with ecological environment.


Values: morality first, responsibility in mind and dedication oriented.


Interpretation of the logo


▪ Design concept


The logo is designed with a variation of the letter "J" in the form of ">", like indicating the way forward, and as if blowing the warhorn of the enterprise to forge ahead and re-create brilliance, also like the eagle with wings flying constantly soaring to new peaks, full of dynamics. “>" is shaped like a greater-than sign, and its combination extends the visual effect, implying a larger, stronger, and better prospect.


■Color Expression


The dominant color is red, filled with the solemn atmosphere of traditional culture while full of vigor and passion for innovation, conveying the corporate spirit of pioneering and enterprising.
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